" Cassini Spacecraft " Dives Between Saturn and its Rings!

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Cassini Spacecraft Dives Between Saturn and its Rings!

Cassini Spacecraft

It is a "Saturn probe" developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) . In Cassini there is a planetary probe called "Huygens probe". "Cassini" the name of the French astronomer who discovered four satellites of Saturn "by Giovanni Cassini" from Mr., also, "Huygens" the name of the Dutch astronomer who discovered Saturn's moon Titan " Christian Huygens " 's name.

Cassini was launched on "October 15, 1997" and entered Saturn's orbit on "June 30, 2004", and observation was continued thereafter. This time, as "Cassini's Grand Finale: Grand Finale" , a mission to make Cassini enter Saturn's atmosphere in "September 15, 2017" is done. The mission started from "April 22, 2017", changes the trajectory using the gravity of the satellite Titan, and " rushes between Saturn and Saturn's ring " on " April 26" .

After rushing, it plans to pass through a narrow space between Saturn and the ring over 22 times and is planning to observe the gravitational field and magnetic field of Saturn's main body and the substances contained in the ring in detail. In addition, when passing through the narrow space between Saturn and the ring, there is concern that the ring particles may hit Cassini and trouble may occur.

After that, " September 15" rushes into the atmosphere of Saturn, burns and destroys , "Cassini Spacecraft" mission is over. An overview of the final mission "Cassini's Spacecraft Grand Finale: Grand finale" can be checked with the movie published by "NASA".

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Cassini's Spacecraft Timeline

"Cassini Spacecraft" launched on "October 15, 1997" reached Saturn's orbit on "June 30, 2004". We have explored Saturn's main body and its satellite in detail from July to the fourth year after arrival. The installed planetary probe "Huygens probe" was detached from the main body on "December 24, 2004" and entered Titan on "January 14, 2005" and succeeded in landing.

The activity time of "Huygens probe" was as short as "3 hours 40 minutes", but I got a lot of information. It was the result of the investigation of "Huygens probe" that Titan got rain of liquid methane and confirmed that there are rivers and lakes of methane and ethane.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪Cassini‬‏

"Cassini Spacecraft " surveyed over four years and found new satellites and others. Originally it was scheduled to finish in 4 years, but because the situation of the spacecraft is good and there is still room in the fuel, the activity period will be extended. Initially, the schedule until June 2008 extended to September 2010. In addition, it will be extended to May 2015 in 2010.

By the start of this "Cassini's Spacecraft Grand Finale: Grand finale", the discovery of seven new satellites. Photographs of over 300,000 pictures, Saturn's satellite "Enceladus" found organic matter, heat source, liquid water, and that there was the possibility that extraterrestrial life might exist. Sometimes the fuel is exhausted already, so the long mission task will be put an end in this final mission.

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