Google celebrates Chu Ming Silveira’s 76th Birthday

Google celebrates Chu Ming Silveira’s 76th Birthday , Google search logo has been changed to the following on "Brazil" on this day.

Who Chu Ming Silveira ?

Chu Ming Silveira ( Shanghai , 4 of April of 1941 - São Paulo , 18 of June of 1997 ) was an architect and designer Sino-Brazilian , creator of the pay phone .
He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Mackenzie University in 1964 , and became famous for the design of the telephone guards, popularly known as Orelhinha and Orelhão . Icons of Brazilian design and world urban furniture, telephone guards were named by the Brazilian telephone company when its release, I Chu Chu and II, respectively, in honor of its creator . The point of origin of his successful project was the shape of the egg, according to her, "the best acoustic form" .

Simplicity and respect for the forces of nature also characterized his residential projects on the São Paulo coast, especially in the municipality of Ilhabela , where he developed a unique style called "Post- caiçara ", in which he used contemporary materials and techniques in harmony with Traditional culture caiçara .

Throughout his professional career, in addition to Architecture and Design, Chu Ming devoted himself to Visual Programming 

This Doodle's Reach Brazil 

Google Site: Chu Ming Silveira

The word searched for is "Ju-min Silveila" .

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