Google celebrates Earth Day 2017 and offers Tips for Earth Day

Google celebrates Earth Day 2017 offers Tips for Earth Day 

On April 22, 2017 we honor earth and continue to take care of life in about 4.543 billion years old and offer tips for Earth Day, is still the ground is the only organism known to contain life as it's more planet density in the solar system of an entire and largest, he has a lot of awe-inspiring qualities and give you tips for earth day that Google celebrates today's day.


Google Doodles contains a problem that is contaminated and adversely affected by climate change and contain the story of fox who wakes up with the heroes of the story Momo Cat and the frog in an effort to protect and take care of the environment it is necessary to take care of and implement tips for Earth Day.

To combat things such as coral bleaching, pollution, inspired by the three environmental guards to take measures such as less meat intake, use of cars, and the separation of electronic devices is used. This is some of the heroic work of small animals!

Earth Day celebration in the Google search and offer tips for Earth Day 

But the celebration of Earth Day does not end there! By clicking beyond the Doodle to Google search, you'll find easy tips on earth to help you do your part to save our planet, including support for wildlife conservation with the World Wildlife Fund, and the preservation of coral reefs with agency oceans, and forest preservation . 

Tips on Earth Day offered by Google today 

First advice: Remember to turn off the lights when leaving the room

The second advice: helped to plant a tree in your community

Third advice: Try sharing a car with a friend or walking or cycling or using public transport for one day.

Fourth advice: Eat fruits and vegetables or local foods to reduce emissions and waste.

What things can be recycled? 

Recycling glass recycling household objects tire recycling importance of recycling waste recycling recycling recycling household waste recycling clothes recycling of used oils

What are the endangered animals list?

1. Kiwi bird:

2. fox pilot:

3. Slhvae forest:

6. lemurs:

What are the ways of water conservation? 

You must keep water from pollution, the water is one of the most important elements of life, it is the essential ingredient for the installation of the cell material, where the bulk of all living cells in various forms, forms, sizes and types of plant, animal and human, and it is about (90%) of the objects neighborhoods in the world, and about (60 to 70%) of high-end neighborhoods bodies including human.
Water is essential to do every member of the human body functions fully, it is without water can not for this member and others to continue his work and to maintain its existence, the Almighty said: (who sent down water from the sky Vokrzina the plant everything) (3), was reported to talk about the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family), he said: (people are partners in three fire, water and pasture) (4).

What is coral bleaching? 

If what happened in the coast of Umm Al-Maradim Island area and in the State of Kuwait, the southern region on coral bleaching and wide expanse of horizontal and vertical proliferation of bleaching is a phenomenon arose likely due to heat-handed (Heat Stress), has water temperatures moved across the different currents, whether those adjacent to the coast or deep ones. 
One of the researchers have been spotted in the Faculty of Science Earth Sciences Department and the Environment remarkable increase of water temperature during the month of July (2010), especially in the coral reef area in Umm Maradim island area, also coincided that observation with a marked rise in the shores of the southern region (Mina Abdullah and Julai'a) , and must record this phenomenon regionally through the regional organization for the protection of the marine or international environment through the agency global oceans are our further study and scientific research, as well as to follow up on monitoring variables and environmental indicators to identify the movement of fish and other marine organisms. 

It should be noted here that the presence of algae is very important to feed the coral reefs, but plentiful and increase their numbers may lead to a lack of equilibrium between carbon dioxide and other nutrients ratio, causing turbulence and unbalance, which provides an opportunity for the spread of toxins lethal in the marine environment.

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