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Google celebrates St. George's Day in United Kingdom 

St. George's Day 2017

"March 22," is England's patron saint , "St. George: Saint George" has been the anniversary of. In ancient Greece, it is written as "Georgios: Georgios". "Georgios" is notation and pronunciation in each country.

United Kingdom: "George: George"
Italy: "Giorgio: Giorgio"
Spain: "Jorge: Jorge"

It is said that it was around the 3rd to 4th century and martyred at the end of the ancient Roman Empire "April 23, 303". This death anniversary is said to be "St. George's Day."

St George’s Day
It is a Roman soldier, also known as a tradition of extermination of the dragon.
It is revered as a rescue saint in the Catholic Church and is regarded as a patron saint of profession such as England, Georgia, Catalonia, Aragon, cities such as "Moscow", soldiers and farmers etc I will.

St George’s Day
Because of the brave name of Dragon extermination and being a patron saint, warships such as "St. George Fortress" and "St. George" such as warships in the UK are often used in the name.

British saints

There are patron saints in each of the four countries that make up the UK.
England: St. George Anniversary   Date: April 23,Scotland: St. Andrew's Day            Date: November 30
Ireland: St. Patrick's Day                
Ireland: St. Patrick's Day                Date: March 17
Wales: Holy Day                             Date: March 1
Wales: Holy Day                             Date: March 1

Logo design

There is also a legend that rose flowers have bloomed from the blood of Dragon that he knocked down, and rose forms the character of "Google".

United Kingdom of the Google site: St. George'S DayHttps://Www.Google.Co.Uk

Words to be searched by clicking the Google logo to be displayed is the "St. George Day" 

In the past "St George's Day" logo was displayed.

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