WhatsApp Stopped - Messaging service NOT WORKING

Whatsapp Stopped

In the first incident of its kind, a few seconds ago, Whatsapp in most countries of the world was stopped.

World news agencies said whatsapp stopped at 9 pm today in England, the United States, Brazil and other countries in Europe, and Arab countries complained about the interruption of whatsapp in the last hour.

No official statement has been issued by the Facebook Inc explaining the cause of the problem or the date of repair. " whatsapp stopped "

10.40PM UPDATE: WhatsApp stopped users of UK are continuing to face problems tonight with thousands unable to access to whatsapp.
The issues began at around 9 pm , WhatsApp is down tonight.

It appears the service went offline at around 9pm with thousands now unable to access the popular messaging service.
Down detector is showing thousands of outages across  UK and other parts of the world including Brazil and the US.
Update : The official spokesperson for whatsapp said that the service will be back to work for everyone within hours.
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